Nomad Edge Pocket Blade



Meet the NomadEdge Pocket Blade – the 86g wonder that’s more than a knife; it’s a pocket-sized adventurer with a personality! With a 6cm 8cr13mov blade, a closing length of 10.2cm, and a handle dressed in Nylon Glass-Fibre, this Nomad is not just a blade; it’s a companion ready to wander through life’s twists and turns with a touch of vicissitude charm.

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Introducing the NomadEdge Pocket Blade – a 10.2cm marvel designed to be more than just a knife; it’s a personality in your pocket, a quirky companion for your everyday adventures. The 6cm 8cr13mov blade is not just sharp; it’s a statement of versatility and readiness, ready to tackle anything from opening packages to exploring the unknown.

Closing at a compact 10.2cm, this Nomad is a pocket-sized wonder, always ready to join you on your journey. The 3mm blade thickness adds a touch of robustness, ensuring that every slice is not just precise but also powerful.

Crafted with a Nylon Glass-Fibre handle, this Nomad is not just a grip; it’s a tactile experience. Lightweight at 86g, it’s designed for those who appreciate the freedom to wander without being weighed down. The Vicissitudes Stone Wash finish adds a touch of rugged charm, hinting at the adventures this quirky companion is ready to embark upon.

With a hardness of 58HRC, the NomadEdge Pocket Blade is not just a tool; it’s a testament to durability and resilience, ready to face the challenges of your nomadic lifestyle. It’s not just a knife; it’s a conversation starter, a style statement, and a quirky accomplice to your everyday adventures.

Embrace the nomadic charm – embrace the NomadEdge Pocket Blade!

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