Elite Stone Washed Folder



Introducing the Elite Stone Washed Folder – where style meets steel in a 21.1cm pocket-sized powerhouse! With an 8.9cm ELMAX blade that’s sharper than a cat meme, a handle dancing with steel and G10, and a weight of 186g, this quirky companion folds and unfolds with the grace of a ninja in tap shoes.

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Behold the Elite Stone Washed Folder – a 21.1cm wonder that’s not just a knife; it’s a personality in your pocket. The 8.9cm ELMAX blade, with a thickness of 0.35cm and a width of 3.2cm, is not just sharp; it’s a statement of precision and power, ready to tackle anything from slicing apples to slicing through red tape.

The handle, a dance of steel and G10, is not just a grip; it’s a tactile experience. At 12.2cm, it ensures a hold that’s as comfortable as your favorite pajamas, making every slice, cut, and maneuver a breeze.

Crafted with a hardness of 59-60HRC, the Elite Stone Washed Folder is not just a tool; it’s a testament to durability and resilience. The stone-washed finish adds a touch of rugged charm, hinting at the adventures this quirky companion is ready to embark upon.

The ball bearing folding mechanism ensures that every deployment is as smooth as a jazz solo, making this knife not just a tool; it’s a performance waiting to happen. Weighing in at 186g, it’s a heavyweight contender in the world of folding knives, ready to tackle challenges with the swagger of a rockstar.

The Elite Stone Washed Folder isn’t just a knife; it’s a conversation starter, a style statement, and a quirky accomplice to your everyday adventures. Embrace the elite – embrace the stone-washed charm – embrace the Elite Stone Washed Folder!

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Steel +G10

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