Damascus Precision Folding Knife



Introducing the Damascus Precision Folding Knife – your pocket-sized ninja for everyday feats! With a compact total length of 17cm and a 7.3cm Damascus steel blade, this quirky companion combines style with substance. The handle, a whimsical fusion of steel head and natural sour branch wood, ensures a grip that’s as distinctive as your personality. Folding with the grace of a ballerina on ball bearings, this 117g wonder is not just a knife; it’s a precision instrument with a touch of flair.

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In a world of ordinary blades, step into the extraordinary with the Damascus Precision Folding Knife – a compact powerhouse that marries precision with personality. Standing proudly at a quirky total length of 17cm, featuring a 7.3cm blade crafted from Damascus steel, this isn’t just a knife; it’s a statement.

The Damascus steel blade isn’t just sharp; it’s a masterpiece of metallurgy, adding a touch of sophistication to your daily feats. With a thickness of 0.28cm and a width of 2.2cm, it’s designed for versatility – from everyday tasks to the unexpected challenges that life throws your way.

Let’s talk handles, where the TimberTwist becomes the Damascus Precision Folding Knife. The handle, a delightful fusion of steel head and natural sour branch wood, not only provides a sturdy grip but also introduces a touch of rustic elegance. It’s like holding a piece of nature that’s ready to assist you in your urban adventures.

The folding mechanism, orchestrated by ball bearings, unfolds with the grace of a ballerina. Effortless and smooth, it transforms the Damascus Precision Folding Knife into not just a tool but a spectacle.

And the weight? A mere 117g – or 135g with the pocket clip version. It’s like carrying a feather that’s ready to perform precision tasks, making this knife an essential companion for anyone who values style and functionality.

The Damascus Precision Folding Knife isn’t just a knife; it’s a conversation starter, a style statement, and a quirky accomplice to your everyday adventures. Embrace the precision – embrace the Damascus Precision Folding Knife!

Additional information

Blade Length


Handle Length


Total Length


Blade Width


Blade Thickness


Blade Material

Damascus Steel


Steel Head and Natural Sour Branch Wood



Blade Finish

Damascus Texture

Folding Mechanism

Ball Bearing



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