Tactical Titan Steel Knife



Meet the Tactical Titan Steel Knife – where brawn meets brains in a 25.7cm package of pure awesomeness! With a blade that stretches 11.2cm, crafted from the legendary S35VN steel, and a handle sporting the fierce Army Green G10, this 253g beast is not just a knife; it’s a tactical titan ready to conquer the mundane. From its 3.8mm thick blade to its rugged charm, this is the tool that screams, “Bring it on!”

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Unleash the Tactical Titan Steel Knife – a 25.7cm marvel of sheer brilliance and badassery. This isn’t just a knife; it’s a declaration of war against the ordinary. Standing tall with a total length of 25.7cm, the Tactical Titan is armed with an 11.2cm blade, forged from the indomitable S35VN steel – a material that laughs in the face of challenges.

But let’s talk about that handle. Dressed in the ferocious Army Green G10, the handle isn’t just a grip; it’s a statement. With a length of 14.5cm, it ensures a hold that’s as secure as a vault, making every slice, cut, and maneuver a tactical triumph.

The blade thickness? A robust 3.8mm – because the Tactical Titan doesn’t do things halfway. Whether you’re slicing through obstacles or showcasing your knife skills, this blade is your loyal companion.

Weighing in at 253g, this Tactical Titan isn’t afraid of a little heft. It’s not just a tool; it’s a symbol of strength, ready to take on challenges with the swagger of a superhero.

The Tactical Titan Steel Knife isn’t just a knife; it’s a tactical powerhouse, a testament to craftsmanship, and a bold companion for those who dare to be different. From its S35VN steel blade to its Army Green G10 handle, every detail is a nod to tactical excellence. Embrace the titan – embrace the Tactical Titan Steel Knife!

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Total Length


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Handle Length


Blade Material

S35VN Steel

Handle Material

Army Green G10

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