Mystic Noir Ring

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Embrace the allure of darkness with the Mystic Noir Ring, a bold fusion of black plating with silver-plated edges.

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Unleash the mystique of the Mystic Noir Ring, a captivating piece that draws inspiration from the depths of the night. The black plating, paired with silver-plated edges, creates a striking contrast, embodying a sense of mystery and sophistication. The meticulous design showcases a seamless blend of black and rose gold plating, adding depth and character to the 8mm-wide ring. With a thickness of 2.3-2.5mm, this ring exudes confidence and style. Perfect for those who appreciate edgy elegance, the Mystic Noir Ring is a statement accessory that transcends traditional boundaries. Let this ring be a testament to your unique style and bold personality.


*Half sizes are available. Please note that on plated products, all plating will wear down over time.

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